The fairy tale that is free parking

You might have read the headline and thought I was channeling Don Shoup,  but I’m not. People love fairy tales. They don’t believe they’re true, but they somehow convince themselves that life will parallel these romantic stories.

When I say ‘free parking is a fairy tale’ I really mean I know there’s no such thing as free parking, but I’m still fully invested in the idea. And so are a lot of people. Read more here.

A group of residents in the town of Keene, New Hampshire, call themselves Robin Hood and his Merry Men and spend their days putting money in expired meters. (JVH has a different take below.) They leave notes for the parkers they’ve saved from tickets asking them to “pay it forward.” Officers claim they have been harassed by the group, as well. (Small gourds have been thrown at their heads and cruel notes sent flying their way on burning arrows.)

I hope members of enforcement are not injured or offended – they do not deserve it. As for the parking public, nothing else illustrates its attitude towards paying for parking better than this article.

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