Amen, and Take the Cannoli

Chicago aldermen approve Emanuel’s parking meter changes

I saw this headline and I wondered what church folk had to do with making decisions on Chicago parking policy. Then I realized I was confusing ALDERMEN with ALTER BOYS. An important difference there. Then I thought maybe ALDERMEN was just a nice way of say bloody Mafia killers. But I’m wrong and it’s actually what they call their city council members in that area – and maybe others – but no where I’ve ever lived. My mistake.

Chicago Aldermen where hard at work this week drumming up support for their leader – Mayor Rahm Emanuel – not Jesus or Al Pacino. In the end, they were saved, I mean, successful. The church/mafia parallels are killing me on this one.

The Chicago City Council today approved Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s controversial plan to change the terms of the city’s parking meter lease despite questions about the deal’s financial impact and fear of giving Chicago Parking Meters LLC another windfall.

I have no idea what they have done, decided to do or decided not to do – and my comprehension is pretty good. That might be the fault of the writer, but it might have something to do with the convoluted process in Chicago – too many priests and godfathers in the mix.

Try to understand the scenario better here.

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