Capitalism lives

Homeowners owners near the Merion Golf Club in Ardmore Pennsylvania are making an easy buck off the U.S. Open Golf Championship. Craigslist ads have private parking at a home within walking distance of the course at $500 for the duration of the event. The golf club offers little parking on site but provides off site parking and a shuttle for spectators. Some residents are offering their homes for rent, others are advertising parking and meals

I have no idea what the parking industry thinks of these kinds of parking “operations,” but I say “nice work.” If you can’t rent out your driveway for a few days and make a sweet chunk of money what’s the use of being an American?

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2 Responses to Capitalism lives

  1. Barry Cole says:

    Same thing happens in Louisville for the Kentucky Derby. A few years ago we parked on a person’s lawn for $75 and were happy to split it between the four of us. He gave us a liability disclaimer form and off we went. It was about a half mile walk to Churchill Downs. He squeezed in 5 cars that day in his postage-stamp size piece of grass.

  2. CJD says:

    The PGA is probably happy for this. This site has many challegenes, its a small venue. I am going on Thursday and Friday and even though my parents house is 15 minutes away we are staying in a hotel that has a shuttle becaue getting there was going to be a major hassle.

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