Man and Superman

I finally made it to see Man of Steel over the weekend and I liked it. Professional critics punched holes in this and that, but frankly I think they missed the main theme.

We all already know the story of Superman — if you are over 60, you grew up with him on TV and in comic books. The rest of you saw Marlon Brando and Christopher Reeve weave the story of his birth and life on earth.

So this Superman understood that we already know the story, and could use different cinematic techniques to  tell the tale. As a remake, its a good one.

Our Superman is more human, actually has three dimensions  , and is likeable.  I think you would want to have a beer with this guy, not just get out of the way when he was saving the world. Lois Lane is not the dummy of lore, that can’t tell the difference between Clark with glasses and Superman without. Sigh. Although she has already fallen for the Man of Steel long before he shows up at the Daily Planet, there is no doubt in her mind who he is when she meets him as Clarke in the last scene.

Lots of great CGI, characters you can love and hate, heroes and villains, good guys winning in the end, and of course, the American way. What’s not to like.




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