Off to Israel

I raised hell with the Canadians for postponing their World Parking Symposium in Tel Aviv that was to be held this week. I said that I was going to Israel anyway. And so I am. I’m off tomorrow.

Its a fast trip, only seven days in Israel and will be similar to my trek across Europe in April when I visited four PARCS Manufacturers. As it stands now I have appointments with HTS, TIBA, OTI/Parx, and Pango. In addition I will be dining with Admit Kedim, CEO of Central Park, one of the largest parking operators in the country and a good friend of PT.  If anyone out there knows an Israeli manufacturer I should contact, let me know.

I hope to have some time to see this beautiful country and visit many of the holy sites that are central to three of the world’s great religions.

I will be blogging so stay tuned.


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