OMG Where did this come from?

There’s a restaurant critic in Houston complaining that restaurants are, can you believe it, charging for valet parking. Here’s the money quote:

Roggen writes, “It is not fair to have restaurant patrons pay to park when dining out. You are going to tip for your dinner or lunch, so why the extra for parking? Restaurant patrons should boycott restaurants that charge for valet parking.

So let’s see,,,Restaurants are supposed to hire valets, pay for space to park the cars, provide insurance and the rest, and then raise prices on everyone who eats at the restaurant to cover the costs, so this guy can park for free.

Come on, its time to get serious. As the late great Herb Citrin would say — “They will pay $10 for a martini, but won’t pay $3 to park their car.”

Sheesh. What next, free desserts with every entree?


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2 Responses to OMG Where did this come from?

  1. A trend in Houston is to be charged to park in their private parking lot because valet parking is the only option.

    I understand that parking is not free but I agree with the writer. I am not going to pay to park in the establishiment’s parking lot if valet parking is the only option. I will go elsewhere.

  2. JVH says:

    Well Melonie, your choice. Many restaurants don’t have a sizable parking lot and offer Valet Parking so they can handle the cars. In many places there is no alternative for the restaurant. However if there is self parking nearby, then you have a choice. If there is none, I guess you look elsewhere to eat.

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