The Disorganized States of America

Handicapped parking is a kind and generous offering for handicapped people. It’s one of the many benefits Americans enjoy because they live in a free and wealthy nation with an arrangement of federal, state and local governments. I say “arrangement” because I can’t say “organization.”

Case in point, 1 in 8 Seattle parking spaces are occupied by people with fraudulent handicapped parking placards. According to this article, these parkers are going to get away with their crime quite easily. The city has abandoned the parking division that used to be assigned to enforce handicapped parking laws.

There are many similar scenarios in the United States – benefits offered to different populations and no money to support the implementation of these benefits. I’d like to see our government slow down on its creating of new programs until its sure it can pay for those already in place. There are a lot of people that need and deserve support – but a measured approach is always a good idea.

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