Yard parking is ugly

Nothing dresses down a neighborhood like cars parked on lawns. Last year the city of Savannah, Georgia began ticketing residents whose cars were parked improperly. Officials have noticed an improvement and, in my opinion, deserve a pat on the back for their efforts.

First, they identified the problem and did not shy away from calling what it is: urban blight. Second, they educated residents about the definition of appropriate parking: parallel to the curb or in the driveway. Third, they enforced the new ordinance by the means most likely to have a result: fines.

“Those yards where you see continuous improperly parked vehicles, you get the tire ruts and the grass dies. It leads to an unsightly neighborhood,” says Property Inspector Nicole Bush.

Some may say this is further evidence of our government’s decline from superpower to preschool teacher, but it has to be done.


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3 Responses to Yard parking is ugly

  1. Mildly Confused? says:

    So they fined people for parking on their own land?

    Or does the council own the lawn?

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