Complicated parking scenarios mean more tickets

A merchant in Haverhill, New Hampshire says new paid parking policies are not working. You’d expect her to be complaining about the charges and the way they are driving away her business, but that is not her gripe.

Due to the configuration of paid, permit and multi-use parking in her town, she is having an impossible time finding parking for her own car. It’s not the  fees that are bothering her, but the ticket fines. She’s paid for a permit but the permit spots fill up, sometimes with hourly-rate users, so she chooses from her other options – none of which really work for her needs – and she ends up with a ticket.

It seems Haverhill needs to sort out its parking strategy. Business owners have to have a place to park and so do residents and so do shoppers – but they don’t all need parking in the same way. It’s not a complicated equation to sort out, either.

Read the article here.

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