Parking ideas from real people

It seems Seattle has found another way to be cooler than the rest of us. Area business owners are applying for permission to build “parklets” in parking spaces in front of their stores and restaurants. The non-permanent parklet platforms would take up the space of one or more parking spots and offer tables, seating and bike racks, among other things.

“Under the Seattle Department of Transportation’s Pilot Program, businesses applying for the parklets would have to design, and build them at a cost of about $15,000 each. They would also have to maintain them and reapply for the space each year.”

It’s fantastic that a business owner who wants to provide a service besides parking in an area designated for parking has the option to do so. There are contingencies just in case the project is a failure or parking becomes scarce and the spaces are needed for cars. But maybe that won’t be the case and these parklets, if built, will be well-used. And this doesn’t have to be a threat to the tradition of parking because the spaces, though altered are still parking spots – for people.

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2 Responses to Parking ideas from real people

  1. Vivian Sanner says:

    It’s really great if you don’t live in Los Angeles area and need the parking spaces.

  2. Paul M Smith says:

    Yes, this would be impossible in some areas.

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