Parking: privilege or scourge?

John Van Horn and I aren’t the only people trying to be eloquent on the subject of parking. It’s a popular subject online and in print. A Long Island writer recently put down a whole lot of words that delineated two mainstream perspectives on parking today. Read the article here.

First, there are those who see parking as one of their inalienable rights. They want a lot of it and they want it to be free. They aren’t so concerned about how it looks, they just want it to be available. They like the convenience and they like the bounty.

Second, there are those who see bountiful parking lots and widespread dependence on parking as a cultural and environmental problem. They want fewer parking lots, they want people to walk more, and they want whatever parking is offered to be pretty.

I’m a member of both of these groups. A happy medium sounds good to me. What about you?

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