The Computers are Taking Over

A guy in Milwaukee got tired of paying late fees for delinquent parking tickets and has created an automated payment system. The “Ninja-like” technology trolls his city’s database for tickets issued to his license plate number and alerts him when a payment deadline approaches. He’s started making the service available to the public.

Who can say why he has time to write code to avoid late fees but he doesn’t have time to pay the fines when they are due? I’m guessing he gets a lot of tickets and so the equation worked out in his favor.

It’s another task people can complete for themselves that a computer now does on their behalf. And why not? Computers have self control. They do not procrastinate. They do not rationalize. Sometimes technology dependence is a great replacement for common sense.

Read the rest of the article here.

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One Response to The Computers are Taking Over

  1. Stewart Farr says:

    Interesting. It is a shame that the parking authority can’t collect this information – but perhaps there is a loophole if people volunteer the information?

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