Turn your ‘Parking Woes’ into ‘Parking Wins’

Officials at Charlotte Douglas Airport in North Carolina are dealing with a larger than usual surge of summer traffic and its accompanying parking issues.

“According to Aviation Director Jerry Orr, the airport has seen an increase in both travelers boarding in Charlotte as well as more people transferring at the airport.  Orr says the upturn in the economy could be to blame.  The additional people are slowing some services at the airport.”

Orr might be the only person out there griping about a stronger economy. The situation has not been helped by the recent demolition of two hourly-rate parking decks. Those won’t be replaced until Fall 2014.

One of the marks of a successful organization is the way it handles the unexpected. Hopefully, CDA will figure out how to handle – and profit from – the seasonal crowds before they disappear. If not, there’s always next summer. For the rest of the article, click here.


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