What Percentage of on street parkers are “frequent” – that is park 8-12 times a day?

>Bern Grush is a technologist and forward thinker. He has developed a system that uses satellites and transmitters in cars to locate you vehicle on street and charge you when you are parked. You don’t have to do anything except drive. You would get a list of parking charges, and citations if you parked in front of a fire hydrant, at the end of the month. Now he’s asking a question. It does relate to his system…

Every city must have a portion of its driving population that parks on-street several times each day. These would be people who service, repair, meter, collect, and deliver. People who stay only 5 or 15 minutes, carry a ton of coins, use a pass, tokens, CashKey, or credit cards. Perhaps they take risks, get citations, and curse parking. Does anyone have any idea of the typical percentage of parkers that are “frequent parkers” like this? That park perhaps 8 or 12 times per day? Does anyone study, measure, track or consider this sub-population? Any hunch, comment or reference would be appreciated.

I know that in Manhattan, companies like UPS and Fed Ex have this problem. They had been getting thousands of citations on their delivery vans daily. Their costs were in the millions of dollars. My understanding is that the companies negotiated with the city and the companies receive a reduction in some fees, and no citations for certain types of infractions. From the city’s point of view,it  doesn’t have to process them and collect, and the delivery services know more about what their parking liability is upfront. This is slightly different than what Bern asked, since most of the time these vans are double parked and in violation.

Its a good question — anyone out there with an answer?


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One Response to What Percentage of on street parkers are “frequent” – that is park 8-12 times a day?

  1. Stewart Farr says:

    Unfortunately not allowed to collect said statistics……yet.
    But to answer you question – yes from what I have seen from some data, I have noticed frequent users whom continue to flaunt the parking tickets.

    It depends on the culture of a car park. In this instance it was a shopping mall – where the workers went from free parking to discounted parking……have a guess whom didn’t pay for parking when this changed……they were there before 8 and out just after 5…….unpaid……every day

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