Did Anthony Move to Vegas — A Wicked Wiener in Sin City

OK, I’m in Las Vegas.  I’m here on parking business…and I had lunch with the city’s parking guru, Brandy Stanley. Amongst other things we discussed her program to deal with Food Trucks.  Its pretty neat.

Seems the parking department has reserved some spaces throughout downtown and through a lottery system have assigned the spaces to various lunch trucks. (They are all 150 feed from the nearest restaurant. ) But there’s more.  They have developed an app that tells your smart phone where the trucks are and who is there and what the upcoming schedule is. If you want to find out how they developed the app for FREE — read October’s PT.

Do they know its accurate?  Yes, says Brandy. The trucks have to pay for the spaces at their pay by license plate Parkeon meters and through an interface, the app knows the license numbers of the trucks and voila.  Want to see what it looks like. Click here.,

Here’s Brandy with Wicked Wiener owner Jeff Graves. He told me that if Anthony had been running for mayor of Vegas, they would have come out with a Tee shirt.  Jeff also noted that he loved the reservation system and the app.  He is making a good living hawking Nathan’s (not Anthony’s) wieners in Sin City.



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