Great Lineup of Articles in PT August

When I begin to put together an issue of PT, I typically worry about the quality of the articles we have in the pipeline.  The number of articles relates directly to the”editorial hole”, that is what’s left over after we put in the ads. As usual, I was concerned this month, but without reason. Here are the articles you will read, either on line here or when you receive your copy in the mail around the 15th.

Chip and Pin:

The introduction of a new payments standard known as EMV, or chip and PIN, has revolutionized payments around
the globe. The parking industry, which relies on payments systems across its various networks, is directly affected by
this technology shift.

The Technology Revolution:

When you think of parking, the words “technology” and “innovation” don’t necessarily come to mind. But the industry is undergoing a major shift, with advanced technologies and sustainable solutions leading the way to help transform parking management and improve the overall customer experience.

Technology Upgrades should be Customer focused:

For many years, the city of Boston has been the nation’s leader in the development and execution of new customer-focused technology. Boston, for example, was the first city to provide pay-by-web services, which dramatically changed the landscape of how customers pay their parking tickets.

Herb Citrin, A Tribute:

Herb Citrin, Founder of Valet Parking Service (VPS) in Los Angeles, passed away June 15. Herb founded the valet
parking industry, grew his company, and was known nationwide. A businessman, a parking pro and a true gentleman,
“Mr. Valet” was 91.

Key Strategies for the Job Candidate

Your resume has been reviewed, you’ve passed the phone screen, and now it’s time for the face-to-face interview with the hiring manager. You have on your best suit, done your homework, and are ready for whatever your potential employer may throw your way during your time together – questions that you have no idea why they’re being asked; a
surprise visit from the COO; or some sort of “test” that hopefully you brought your best tap shoes to tip-toe through.

He’s Mad as Hell, About Technology:

Management Consultant Joe Sciulli’s periodic visits to
his psychologist can get quite unruly. We listen in on
the latest session:
Joe Sciulli (barging in): I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore! I’ve had it with technology!!
Dr. Van Horn: Nice to see you, too. Steamed again, huh?
JS: Like a cheap shirt at a dollar laundry.

Is your Garage a Trailer pulled by a Ferrari?

In turning on my computer first thing in the morning, my coffee and I have a Google news page to greet us. On that page are two headings: Parking and Hospital Parking.
On the Parking page, I see lots of new products and concepts, great designs obviously done by clever people with vision. I see computer programs that have wonderful graphics and the latest parking machines with the look and shape of a Victoria Secrets model.

Is reusing an Existing Building for a Garage the “best” Idea?

We had the third annual “Parking and Property” seminar in late May here in London.  We were bitching about the way that the role of parking – particularly parking structures and their role in property and development – was being neglected, meaning that there really was no forum for the industry and developers to exchange ideas and to share good practices. Mark Moran, the
editor, responded by setting up this annual event, which goes from strength to strength.

Plus the usual suspects — Melissa’s Amateur Parker, Joyce’s Parking News (a couple of dozen updates from the industry), PT the Auditor and his trip to Israel, and a few bon mots from yours truly. This is also the consultants issue and the leading parking consultants show their wares on the pages of PT August.

Check it out.



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