Some parking minimums make sense

Employees at a hospital in Saskatchewan are getting regular tickets for parking on the street during their shifts. There are 3,000 employees and only 700 employee parking spots. Depending on how many staff members are clocked in at once, 700 seems low – especially for a medical facility.

As usual, parkers want more parking and the-powers-that-be want people to carpool, ride the bus, or take advantage of a yet-to-be-implemented shuttle program.

It makes sense to keep parking scarce in some places, but if you want them to come to work, you probably need to give them a place to park.

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2 Responses to Some parking minimums make sense

  1. Stewart Farr says:

    ….or subsidise them not to drive?

    Seeing as there is an inherit cost of running a car park, trying to get to people to not force you to make it bigger (and claim more cost) you could subsidise alternate means to work.
    Same applies to Governments and Councils.

    Cost minimisation can sometimes occur by simply putting a percentage of the money into something else and saving the remainder.

    Or at least that is what my experience has been.

  2. Good suggestion. I once worked for a company in a big city that paid for my parking – they didn’t want us cruising the streets and running late to work, so they reserved a group of spots at a nearby lot. It was a smart solution for that scenario.

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