Yard parking takes another hit

This time it’s Houston where the anti-yard-parking contingent are looking to keep lawns free of cars. Three civic clubs have filed asking the city to ban yard parking – and the yard parkers have responded with a petition of their own.

I find myself mentally defending the right of the property owner, or even just the individual, to decide if parking in their yard makes their home look like a junkyard. Then my sense of order intercedes and I think there are some standards worth imposing.

It’s not going to injure people if their neighbor parks in his/her yard, but it does create an aesthetic that is  generally not regarded as respectable. Some of us care about that and some of us don’t, so we will just have to agree to be annoyed with each other.

That’s the beauty and the beastly of America – we all have opinions and we all think we’re right. But we live in a place where we can talk it over – if we take the opportunity.

Read the article here.

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