High-risk parking spots

Can a parking spot be unlucky? A woman in England has had a pretty bad run with the spot out in front of her house. One car and its replacement were both totaled during the last 5 weeks. A motorcyclist took out the first and a speeder demolished the second. Read the rest of the article here.

It’s a question we all ask ourselves when we park: “Is this spot going to be good for the well-being of my vehicle?” We don’t want door dings, kamikaze shopping carts, or bird poop spoiling our paint jobs, to say the least.

But two major collisions in the same spot? Is it coincidence or is it just a matter of time before it happens again? Some other English drivers have had bad luck with some parking spots that are categorically bad luck: read here. But that’s an extreme case.

I think some spots are inherently more problematic than others. Take the spot in front of my house. It looks like it would be fine, but because the neighbor across the street doesn’t look behind her when she backs out of her driveway, we are talking about two crunch jobs in the last 5 years – one of them was our car.

How does the industry measure this kind of thing?

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