Parking lot vigilantes attack with barbecue sauce

An Indiana woman came out the victor in a race for parking, but lost the battle of the barbecue sauce. Ms. April Roney and another motorist fought about a parking spot. The losing parker did not appreciate Roney’s sauciness and retaliated in kind.

Roney said she had been involved in a dispute with a motorist for the parking spot four hours earlier, about 6 p.m., according to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report.

When she returned, she discovered “that someone had poured the liquid flavoring sauce all over her vehicle,” wrote IMPD Officer Michael McClain.

Officer McClain used his investigatory and gustatory skills to determine the substance was, in fact, barbecue sauce, most likely a Kansas-style variety.

McClain said the van was not damaged but needed a “good car wash.” No suspects were in custody.

Ah, the creativity of the scorned parker.

Read the rest here.

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