Yes, They have Parking in Europe – The EPA and Dublin

I’m in Dublin — its the European Parking Association Congress. Over 500 delegates from across Europe are gathering here for the event.  According to EPA President Nick Lester, this is about policy and how transportation policy will fail if parking is not included in the planning.

Speakers from France, Ireland, Australia, The Netherlands, Spain, and the US are holding forth on parking issues in their respective countries.  There is a small trade event with 55 vendors exhibiting.

I ran into Shawn Conrad, Cindy Campbell, and Casey Jones from the IPI who are here leading the GPALS (Global Parking Association along with delegates from Europe, Australia and Brazil. Cindy is stunning and a perfect representative from the US.  Shawn and Casey are simply her arm candy.

I will go back tomorrow and am particularly interested in the report from Jay Primus on SF Park. I wonder if he thinks it was money well spent. We shall see.

Its raining, but who cares. Ireland couldn’t be so green without the heavy dew.



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