Common Sense Saves the Day

In a stunning turn of events, parking authorities in England have recommended motorists fight more parking tickets and have a plan to make it easier for them to do so.

At present, motorists who appeal a ticket miss their window to pay they lowest fee applicable, so, many weigh the risk and decide to just pay the ticket – even if it was a mistake. The new plan would stop the clock on the payment due date once an appeal was filed.

Other reforms to give motorists a fairer deal would include giving drivers “five minutes grace” after their time at a metered or pay and display parking space expired.

“A common-sense approach to parking enforcement should minimise the issuing of Penalty Charge Notices to motorists who make honest mistakes,” the MPs said.

The Committee’s investigation was launched against a backdrop of councils’ soaring revenue from parking charges and fines.

It seems, the committee was not pleased to find that the 350 councils in the country were set to make 635 million pounds off parking tickets this year.

“…the MPs said motorists believe they are being treated as a “cash cow”.

It’s good to see a group of leaders truly consider the needs of the public and take steps to meet those needs. It’s even better to hear them use phrases like “common sense” appropriately. Our leaders here in the U.S. should try it.

Read the article here.

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