If it’s Dripping, It’s Not Concrete

In Middletown, Connecticut, a parking garage is shedding its outer layer. Salt and water are mixing with the concrete to create a drippy sludge that has already totaled one car. Officials say the structure is sound, but have closed off 40 parking spaces to prevent more vehicles from being damaged.

“We hired a structural engineer to come and look at it,” said Geen Thazhampallath, the city’s parking services director. “We have no question that the garage will not collapse. It’s perfectly safe in that condition, but we want to make the steps to make sure that it has life and continued use in the safest way possible.”

There must be an explanation for this situation. I know concrete crack, crumbles and can turn back into sand if it’s not mixed properly, but I didn’t know it could drip. How does this happen?

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