Mike Bigbee heads TIBA in the Americas

My friend Mike Bigbee returns to the parking industry after a decade hiatus to become CEO for the Americas of revenue control manufacturer TIBA. His duties began began in September.

I have known Mike since I started PT and know he will be a leader of integrity for the company. His last parking assignment was with Transcore. He then spent a decade with a software developer outside Parking.  Here’s a snap I took of him at the NPA show.

Mike Bigbrr Tiba-1

I did an interview with Mike at the show and here’s a few tidbits:

“We are taking a Blue Ocean rather than a Red Ocean Marketing approach.”

The Red Ocean approach, he went on to explain, was when everyone has the same products, with the same features, and fight it out to sell at the lowest price.  They are like sharks and fill the marketing ocean with blood, hence, Red Ocean.  The Blue Ocean approach is to separate yourself from the rest and find those things that differentiate from your competition.

“Just has we have heard from speaker after speaker this week at the NPA, new technology brings the need for staff with technology experience. However that staff can cost less over all if the equipment you purchase does the job properly and has reduced down time and low maintenance costs.”

Welcome back, My friend.  All the best



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