PT Goes to A Soccer Game in Brazil

Shawn Brown, Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, Town of North Hempstead, NY, took Parking Today along on his trek to Rio De Janerio and its world famous Maracana Soccer Stadium.  Here he is on August 28 with some high level reading material:

Shawn Brown, Parking Today, Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Maracana soccer stadium will be the host of next year’s World Cup final game.  The attached photo was taken on August 28th during a Flamengo soccer match against Cruzeiro.  Flamengo won 1-0.

And you thought PT didn’t cover sports…

My guess is that the Brazilians thing.  I also guess that in Rio they call it “football”  as in “Football has been very good for me.” to quote Pele.


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