Soccer Field Built on Parking Structure

The brainiacs at the Milwaukee School of Engineering have shown us all what they are made of: they built their new soccer stadium on top of its very own parking facility.

Read the article here.

The turf is synthetic, the lights are LED, and 800 cars can park downstairs and while their drivers take to the rooftop to watch the game. It is genius. Parking is reportedly tough to find in the area, and the team has had to play off campus since its inception. The structure cost $30 million to build, but most was donated by alumni.

There are restaurants, housing, shopping and many other properties built above garages, but this is the first athletic venue I’ve heard of that is perched on parking. They might lose a few balls to the elevation, but nobody will care. Whether the game is good or not, the view is spectacular.


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3 Responses to Soccer Field Built on Parking Structure

  1. Rufus says:

    San Diego State buit a soccer field atop a parking garage 13 years ago.


  2. Paul M Smith says:

    Thanks for letting me know – this was the first time I heard of it being done, but I’m not surprised the idea has been around awhile.

  3. Cary Andersob says:

    LMU has a soccer field is on top of a parking structure. The field is natural grass.

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