A Government Website that’s got Glitches, but Makes Sense

A new website created by the City of Los Angeles will show drivers where they can expect to get a ticket or where they can park without being cited on any particular day. The idea sounds a bit dodgy at first, but the main focus is on keeping residents apprised of changes in street cleaning schedules. If, for instance, street cleaning is postponed for a particular area, residents have access to that information and can leave their cars on the street without fear of citation.

“This is about common sense,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement. “People shouldn’t block the streets from getting swept, and people shouldn’t get tickets for no good reason.”

The website allows users to type in their home address, which pulls up a map of the surrounding area. By examining the neighborhood’s street sweeping route numbers and schedules, residents can find out whether street sweeping has been canceled near their homes.

It seems fair that the city would acknowledge the street cleaning schedule is subject to change, and adjust enforcement accordingly. If they’re not going to sweep anyway, they shouldn’t be handing out tickets. There’s no harm blocking a street sweeper that isn’t going to come anyway.

The mayor said the Bureau of Street Services site is still in test mode, but work continues.

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