Now, About Thanksgiving…

It would be easy to put on my curmudgeon hat and grump around about Football, Turkey, and green bean casserole. But I rather like this day.

First of all, its on Thursday, not Monday. The government in its infinite wisdom hasn’t fiddled with it making it the last Monday in November (so we can have a three day weekend.) The way it is we get a four day weekend. Yeah!

Second, its a good excuse for gluttony. The rest of the year, except for perhaps one’s birthday, you are guilt ridden when you eat and drink more than you should. On Thanksgiving you are supposed to eat more than you should. So there. Yeah!

Third, it harkens to tradition. We get to think about what a group of settlers did 400 years ago and remember, hopefully with a tad of humble pie, just what hard work and perseverance can do. Right on!

Finally its non sectarian. No one has declared “Happy Thanksgiving” non PC. Thank God!

I commend you to your personal thoughts, to your memories of Thanksgivings past. To gluttony and tradition. To a four day weekend.

From all of the PT family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving. And may God Bless…


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One Response to Now, About Thanksgiving…

  1. Larry Donoghue says:


    That is a nice, thoughtful tribute to thanksgiving
    I am FedExing the retirement info. You should have it on Monday.
    The attempt to fax it failed twice.

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