Hospitals quantify parking fees, but nothing else

A Washington Post blogger points out the sad truth that hospitals around the country can tell you what their parking rates are, but not the charges for a test, scan, or operation.

Researchers Jillian Bernstein and Joseph Bernstein called 20 hospitals asking for the price of am electrocardiogram.

In the phone calls, the researchers would say they were uninsured and planning to pay for the test themselves, asking how much that would cost. Three hospitals were able to provide that information. By way of contrast, 19 hospitals were able to respond to a query about how much it would cost to park at the hospital, even when some of those parking prices had a few variables.

It’s true, hospital care and costs have many variables, but providers could at least offer a range or the cost of the procedure with no complications, giving patients an idea what the charges will be.

Parking is an easier service to price. I hope it stays that way – the last thing I need is for it to be added to my insurance premiums.

Read the blog here.

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