No parking at Boston Condominium

I love to see somebody putting their money where their mouth is. Sometimes it seems like there’s just so much talking and so little doing. I keep reading about the “new generation” that doesn’t want to live in the suburbs and commute to work, but instead, wants to live in the city and walk or take public transit to jobs, retail and restaurants.

Boston leaders have recently given the OK for a condominium to be built with no parking – that’s right, no parking.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority on Thursday approved the 15-story, 175-unit building at Lovejoy Wharf in the West End, where a new headquarters for athletic shoe company Converse Inc. is under construction. The authority voted to change previously approved plans, eliminating a 315-space parking garage.

This isn’t a threat to parking as an industry, and could be a boon for parking operators in the area. Neighbors aren’t so sure the plan is a good one, but it will remain to be seen how this gamble pays off.

Read the article here.

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