Parking Lot Crime Too Easy

Parking lots and crime often go hand in hand. Something about a closed off parking garage or the wide open spaces of a parking lot give criminals the idea that they are going to be protected in their evil doing.

After a shopper was killed in a carjacking attempt at a New Jersey mall, management there are adding security to their garage.

“The safety and security of our shoppers, retail tenants and employees is our top priority,” Newport Centre Mall management said in a statement. “We take ongoing and special precautions during this busy time of year to protect everyone in the mall community.

“Those efforts include working closely with federal, state and local authorities to take appropriate security measures that provide a safe environment at our mall.”

I think criminals  need to know they are being watched. Many parking areas are monitored by camera, and those that are not can easily be outfitted with some cheap, fake cameras installed next to a big sign that says “Your activities are being recorded.”

Take the anonymity out of parking lot crime, and I bet the rates go down swiftly.

Read the article here.

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4 Responses to Parking Lot Crime Too Easy

  1. Mike MCKEON says:

    Careful, fake cameras equals lawsuits. If you are going to do it, which I encourage, do it right.

  2. Agreed. I reacted the same way. Fake cameras are a law suit waiting to happen. How about immaculately clean and well-lit parking facilities, well marked and consistently placed assistance stations, and walking patrols?

  3. Hal King says:

    I doubt cameras will deter someone who would murder for a vehicle.


  4. Glad to hear from the experts – better to do it right, and definitely better than doing nothing.

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