A Handicapped Solution in Chicago

There are over 300,000 disabled permits (blue placards) issued in the Chicago Area. The new rules say that disabled must pay for on street parking, except those that are physically unable to work the parking meters.  Fair enough. But how does enforcement know the difference.

The bureaucrats in Chicago have come up with a solution. They are issuing an different colored placard to only those disabled who have a doctors note saying they are unable to feed the meters.  that about 10% of the total disabled placards issued.

Now, just what is to keep these placards from being duplicated, stolen, borrowed, etc etc etc?

This is a money deal for Chicago – they had to pay the private firm, Chicago Parking Meters, over $55 million to cover losses generated by handicapped parkers who parked in metered spaces. I think that was the check that hizzonner the mayor said that he would never write.

My solution:  Everyone pays.  Disabled get a separate rate that gives more time for the same amount of money as they need more time to get where they are going and return.

Set up a pay by cell program so they can pay easily in their car and access the lower rate. Or an ‘incar’ meter. or ….

Of course there are many ways technology can solve this problem. Come to PIE 2014 in March in Chicago and find out what they are


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