Don’t let it snow anymore

Winter weather is the theme of many a news article lately. In New York City, residents are up in arms about parking tickets issued for cars actually stuck in place by ice. A water leak created a 3 to 4 inch thick sheet of ice in one neighborhood that’s trapped a city block’s worth of parked cars.

Some drivers were handed $65 tickets — which neighbors called just plain cold-hearted.

“I couldn’t get my car out right away and when I told them that they were like, ‘I already started writing the ticket,” said David Griffith, a 29-year-old, who works in the nightlife biz.

Residents who wanted to avoid the fine spent hours chipping their cars out of the ice and still several more hours griping about the effort and the cruelty of local police.

Beverly Lefhowitz, a psychotherapist who was forced  to wait in her Honda Civic, called it a major inconvenience.

“It’s a hassle. I had appointments today I had to cancel because someone told me they were giving tickets,”  Lefhowitz said.

Whining about the weather never gets anybody anywhere – but neither does a car frozen fast to the ground. Those officers needed to chill out.


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