Off on a Trek

The next two weeks will be full of airports and hotels for me. I am joining Marilyn Etheridge at our upcoming “meet and greet” cocktail parties to introduce the Parking Industry Exhibition to folks in Atlanta, Washington DC, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles. Unfortunately I have a commitment I couldn’t break during the Houston event so I won’t be at that one. The dates are:

Jan 21 — Atlanta

Jan 22 – Houston

Jan 28 – Washington DC

Jan 30 – Chicago

Feb 5 – Los Angeles

We will have cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and lots of good talk.  The events are being held in the early evening, usually 6-8 pm. Marilyn and I will be full of information about PIE 2014, the networking, the seminars, the exhibits and yes even the St. Patrick’s Day party. We already have over 200 attendees signed up for the five meet and greets but room for some more. If you want to join us, you need to contact Marilyn (metheridge1@verizon.net) and she will be sure you get an invite.

See you and Delta Air Lines around the next couple of weeks.



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