Super Bowl Parking Always Makes the News

The big game is just days away, and already, stories about parking on Super Bowl Sunday are filling the news. It’s not just the congestion around the area that will make it hard for everyone to park – residents and football fans alike; it’s not just the happy limo drivers who say they expect a lot of business and tell the public the best way to avoid the pre-game parking quagmire is to give them a call; and it’s not just team sustainable encouraging everyone to use public transit to get to the stadium. There’s also the crazy crew selling fake tickets to the game and fake passes for the parking lot.

Two Philadelphia men were just charged with selling fake Super Bowl tickets and parking passes. According to the article:

Police recovered 59 counterfeit tickets at Daniels’ Queens apartment Monday, including 36 Super Bowl tickets, eight stadium parking passes, 12 tickets to the NFL Honors Party at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan and three tickets to the NFL Commissioner’s Party at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, said NYPD Lt. Chris Fasano, who headed the investigation following a tip from NFL’s security division last month.

Every year Super Bowl-goers break records for the price paid to park near the stadium. Every year the people who live near the game site get creative and sell parking privileges on their lawns and in their garages for a premium. Every year somebody does something illegal to make a buck off Super Bowl Parking.

It’s the biggest game of the year and parking mania is the second act. Go team.



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