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Brandy Stanley in Las Vegas has always been cutting edge and her on street parking program is no different. Not only has she installed pay by space in Sin City, but also a program for locating Lunch Trucks (a phone app) and other sundry features.

One of the larger law firms in the city came to her and said that wanted to pay for their clients on street parking. The word ‘no’ not being in her vocabulary – unless she doesn’t want to do it  — she sat out to ‘make it so.’

In the area around the firm’s offices, the Pay by Space machines have a little sign that tells parkers if they are going to a certain law firm, to simply remember their space number and give it to the receptionist in the lobby.  She then goes on line and pays the parking fee for the client. Neat, huh?

It won’t work unless you are pay by space, but there you go.

Brandy tells me they are busy in Las Vegas. Her staff is not only running parking in the public lots, but in some private ones, too.  She says that she doesn’t solicit this business and explains that her charges are higher than the private sector, but a number of off street owners seem to trust her operating expertise.  She is also in negotiations to take over enforcement in the city of North Las Vegas.

In her spare time, she is fighting a class action law suit that concerns the turning off of parking meters when there is no parking fee required. She tells me that the streets are well signed, and people who have driving licenses are required to be able to read. Plus, she points out, when she shuts the meters down, she gets innumerable calls complaining that the meters are broken. Go Brandy.



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  1. Bern Grush says:

    re:”it won’t work unless you are pay by space”
    or pay by license plate…

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