Assume the Position

When you reach ‘a certain age’ you spend more time at the doctor than you would like, and you probably have various specialists you visit regularly. If you are a man, one of these is a Urologist. Its often not the most pleasant visit, but periodic examination can save your life.

I was at mine last week when he attempted to distract me from what he was doing by asking me what I did for a living. I was about to say ‘enforcer for the mob’ just to get his attention, when I changed my mind and said: ‘I’m in the Parking business.’

He jumped up, pulled off his glove (I wonder if they consider that they save a lot of money on gloves since they use only one) and said ‘I was in the parking business, too.’

My appointment usually lasts about 10 minutes but this one was over 30, the last 20 filling me in on his experiences working for Herb  Citrin and Valet Parking Service while he was a student at USC.  He told great stories of parking cars for 95cents each at the Playboy Mansion and not being allowed to take a tip.

He added that if the driver insisted, he had to refuse three times.  Then it was ok to take the tip. Sammy Davis Jr. shoved a $100 bill down his shirt (Sammy didn’t like to argue.)

The doc then went into business for himself and parked cars on a small lot in Beverly Hills.  He noted that his biggest problem was his employees and keeping them honest. Do you know they actually parked cars without giving them tickets and kept the money?  He graduated and went into a different business.

I went on my way, healthy and happy knowing that I had at least one connection with the doctor that wasn’t uncomfortable.


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3 Responses to Assume the Position

  1. Jack Aulino says:

    Mr. Van Horn;

    I also have those Doctor contacts at Saint Johns in Santa Monica. I managed the garage for Held Properites. Those doctors love the parking business and if you have a connection with them the visits are much more enjoyable.

    Stay Well,

    John Jack Aulino

  2. Kathy Recker says:

    I find the lead into this article a bit unnecessary.

  3. JVH says:

    Kathy: If we can’t laugh at ourselves and find humor in difficult situations, what else is there.


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