Meeting Challenges with Creativity

Cold weather forces people to make a lot of adjustments and even without the impact of the polar vortex, Boston’s Logan Airport faces a yearly surge of travelers trying to escape freezing temperatures. An annual school holiday puts thousands of extra people on the airport’s runways – they don’t have any trouble getting a flight, but the parking situation is a challenge.

Logan officials met the challenge head on with its valet parking program. According to the Boston Globe:

This week, the airport will valet 2,600 cars, paying bundled-up attendants overtime to take passengers’ keys, write down their license-plate numbers and return dates, and find a convenient spot for their vehicles before they get back. The service is free, included in the $27-a-day parking fee.

Logan is short on acreage and limited in its parking options. Shuttles ease some of the burden, but with 30 million flyers coming through each year and no new parking planned, the parking situation is less than ideal.

“We have to be more creative about how we solve these problems,” said Thomas Glynn, chief executive of the Massachusetts Port Authority, “because they’re not making any more land for Logan Airport.

Creativity is the name of the game in a crisis. It’s always great to see an organization doing the best they can with what they’ve got.

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