Parking Plans and Schemes

In Uttlesford, near Saffron Walden, Essex, England, the latest parking headline reads “Cashless Parking Scheme Launched Across Uttlesford.” The area’s district council has taken on the latest in technology at the urging of residents and business owners.

It interests me how the English use the word “scheme” to mean “plan,” while in the United States, a “scheme” is most decidedly a venture of some crookedness, but that’s neither here nor there. This scheme is an honest one with honest intentions toward easing parking for locals.

Cllr Robert Mitchell, NEPP Joint Committee Chairman, said: “We are pleased to make hassle free cashless car parking payment available to Uttlesford’s residents and visitors. Online transactions for a host of daily essentials are the norm for many, so adding parking to the list is good news.”

The plan is comprehensive too, with payment options including a smartphone app, online portal, text or phone call. Users can manage their account online and add time to their meter from anywhere they get cell or internet service.

It’s hard to imagine parking with such ease, but if it works in Uttlesford, it can work anywhere.

Read the article here.

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