Permit Parking Restricts Residents, Too

People will do a lot to protect their parking – they’ll even shoot themselves in the foot. Residents in a Portland neighborhood are considering permit-only parking regulations for their streets to fend off parkers from a nearby rail line. For now it’s just the TriMet employees working on the line who are parking in the residential area, but the competition for space will only get tougher when the rail line is finished, and locals don’t want to be pushed off their own roads.

I don’t think they’ve ever experienced resident-only parking restrictions or they wouldn’t be looking at this as a solution. ‘Resident only’ means you, your friends and your family are going to meet with considerable inconvenience when they want to stop by for dinner or spend the night. And it’s only a matter of time before someone you care about gets a ticket on your street, not to mention the 4 times a year you will forget to hang your permit in your window.

Brookly neighbors are considering enrolling in a neighborhood permit system. They would tax themselves $60 per year for a permit to park near their own houses. Anyone else parking in the area without a permit would get tickets.

What makes more sense to me is a 2, 3, or even 4-hour limit on weekdays during normal business hours. Commuters will be limited by the rule and will use the lot provided them instead of parking in the residential area.

It’s always a muddle to my why people want their privileges to be diminished so those same privileges can be withheld from someone else.

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