Simple Conflict Resolution Tactics: Skip to the End

A new Trader Joe’s market in Denver is attracting a lot of attention, and not all of it is good. Parking has become an issue for shoppers and residents – mainly, there’s not enough in the lot for shoppers so they park on the street and now residents are upset.

The article CBS Denver’s website is a series of statements that sound like a little bit like a play and a lot like life in general: 1. New things are exciting, and then reality sets in; 2. People get upset and start throwing around ideas for big solutions; 3. People just get used to it and go on with their lives.

1. “The novelty of the new Trader Joe’s location in the old University Hospital neighborhood is wearing thin for residents.”

2. ‘“We need to see where the cars are going to go, what kinds of parking signs we need. We need to educate people about parking. We need to enforce the heck out of it,” said City Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman.’

3. “Residents suggested block extensions for their current parking permits but that would create issues for residents who live on other blocks. City officials said there is no easy answer.”

Hopefully, the process runs its course quickly and everyone can get back to their shopping, free samples, and tiny cups of coffee.

Read the article here.

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