Come On, POF Suppliers, Let me see what you got!

I wrote this article a week or so ago:


Basically I challenged the Pay on Foot/Display/Space equipment manufacturers to show me how they have addressed the five issues that some folks in Seattle have with their equipment.

One responded and invited me to their factory. I was there yesterday and frankly, was impressed.  I will post the information here, but would like to post others. Come on, companies, you can reach me at :

310 390 5277 ext 2 or jvh@parkingtoday.com

Don’t be left out — this is free advertising.




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One Response to Come On, POF Suppliers, Let me see what you got!

  1. We have developed an eWallet (MSL Wallet) that can be used for any payment not just for parking. With ‘MSL Wallet’ just scan/enter a code displayed for each parking space, enter the time and the Parking Administrator will automatically receive the payment their own credit card processor or from ‘MySingleLink’. Credit Card information never stored in the cell phone or by ‘MySingleLink’, but stored in a PCI compliant gateway which submits the payment information directly to the credit card processor. Consumers can add time from their cell phone as well as receive alert messages. Consumers can also use ‘MSL Wallet’ to search for available parking lots through an interactive map.

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