Oh Brother — Please read post before you call me

On April 1 — That in itself should give you a hint — I wrote a blog. It was about rumors I heard at various shows I attended in March. YOu can find the post here:


Most of the post was so outlandish that I assumed (you know what that does) that most people would dismiss it out of hand. But if they didn’t the last line was:

“If you believe one word of the above, you are an April Fool.

I should have know better.  I have been receiving calls from all over the country yelling at me for putting rumors in my blog and causing much harm to the parking industry.

Its fairly routine for media to play April Fools Jokes on its readers.  When I ran the Fillmore Herald I ran a story across eight columns of the front page.  Basically it said that a freeway was coming through town and the main street would be torn up and the downtown destroyed.  I noted that I had spoken to four of the five city councilpersons and they approved of the plan.  What made it so timely, was that surveyors had been noticed working on the main street.  Of course, the story was jumped to page 7 and on page 7 I wrote “If you believe that you are an April Fool.

Of course few turned to page seven and an unruly mob showed up outside my office.

It just goes to show — before you overreact, read the entire story.











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