Parking Even Gets in the “Biggest Sports News of the Decade”

Yes, we are all sick of Donald Sterling and his racist rants and his loss of the LA Clippers. But here is a little tidbit on TMZ Sports that may have made it past your sharp, parking eyes:

Donald Sterling just can’t catch a break … now, the embattled Clippers owner is being sued by a woman who claims she was badly injured in a parking lot he owns.

Roselee Fagan filed a lawsuit in L.A. claiming she was walking through a parking structure in Hollywood back in February when she tripped on an uneven concrete service and fell down … causing “severe and permanent physical and bodily injuries.”

Fagan also claims the lighting in the structure sucked and created a hazard … and blames Sterling for not posting a sign warning people to watch out for uneven surfaces.

When it rains, it pours …

Maybe if he spent a little more time worrying about his businesses and a little less about the color of the men his girlfriend watched basketball (well, ok and did other things) with, he could keep his butt out of court.



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