The Watergate in DC

Isiah blogs about the Watergate Buildings in DC, and their relationship to our political history. He notes that the reporters from the Washington Post who brought down the Nixon administration met with their source, Deep Throat, in a garage, but not the one at Watergate, but across the river in Rosslyn, VA.

My memories of the Watergate Garage are considerably different. A few years ago, I was invited to inspect work going on in the garage. Seems the fabled buildings were built over the garages that were deteriorating badly. They couldn’t demo and replace the garage because it was holding up some of the most expensive real estate in the country. So they removed the offending walls and floors and replaced them in situ.

I was there because the construction company doing the job was a customer and wanted to show off how their hydro cutting equipment could slice off the concrete from the rebar, leaving the rebar and supporting structure in place. They would then repour the floors and walls and all was right with the world.

Its a noisy, messy job and could only be done in pieces since the politicos who worked and lived at the Watergate needed a place to park.

Some remember this facility for the break-in that eventually destroyed a President, I remember it for finely focused water that can cut through concrete like butter.

Oh well..


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