An education in parking near schools

Schools are notorious for creating parking issues. Whether it’s an elementary school, high school trade school or university, the parking situation is going to be cyclical and crowded. For the people who live near schools, this is, at the very least, an inconvenience. For others, it’s a source of constant frustration.

A Chicago-area resident is unhappy with the parking situation near his home, because, he says, students at a nearby high school fill the streets and make it difficult for emergency vehicles to reach him and his neighbors. He says, in a letter to the city council, according to Post-Tribune.com:

“There are times when the street is so crowded with vehicles that an ambulance and/or fire truck would not be able to enter the street,” he wrote. “Is the 6500 block of Birch Ave. zoned as a school parking lot?”

While I sympathize with the man, and have no idea whether he is a homeowner or renter, complaining about school parking when you live near a school is like celebrities griping about paparazzi. He seems to understand this fact, as well, and knows there will be no changes made to parking regulations on his street. He offers this suggestion to the city:

“I suggest the Gary Common Council pass an ordinance for prospective buyers and renters that informs them that if you live near a school, the street where you reside is the school parking lot. It is important for the potential residents to know that they will be unable to park on their street, nor will friends, relatives or medical professionals who visit,” he wrote. “And STUDENTS and employees of the school do not have to obey Indiana laws for parking around stop signs. However, if you would like to volunteer to help pick up empty pop cans, McDonald’s coffee cups and bags, candy wrappers and snack bags left by STUDENTS and employees, you are welcome to do so.”

I like this idea and think it completely fair. People who live near schools or who are considering living near a school, should be warned. And schools should participate in making sure their parking needs are met in a way that shows respect and consideration for the surrounding neighborhoods.

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