Phoenix Raises On Street Prices, Goes Variable

Joining a number of other cities including Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, Phoenix has decided to jump on the Shoupista band wagon and institute demand based pricing.  It essentially raises prices during peak hours and when special events (sports, theaters, etc) take place.  Fair Enough.

However when you read the article, I found on Parknews.biz, I wasn’t too surprised. The only reason for the change was to help the city meet a budget shortfall. The change joins water bill hikes to increase the lucre in the city’s coffers.

There was not one word about how the new pricing may make more parking available, or how new meters will make it easier for the citizenry to pay.  Not a syllable about protecting the resource that is parking, or how the monies may help the city build infrastructure.

There was certainly nothing about cutting expenses in the Phoenix government. But then, politicians assume that their constituents know that they are working hard to save every penny. Right.







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