Self-driving robotic automated parking system in use at Dusseldorf Airport in Germany

There are a lot of words in that headline, but when it comes to hot topics like “self driving” and “automated parking” there’s no use being coy. The system, called Ray, is a parking solution with a stylish twist. According to Extremetech.com, Ray’s maker, Serva Transoprt Systems, tried to make it attractive, as well as useful. Its streamlined profile can pack up to 60% more cars into the same parking area. Read the article and see the pictures here.

The user experience on Ray is seamless — just park your car in Ray’s little area, pay for parking, and walk away. The system performs a 3D scan of the vehicle, and Ray adjusts its tines and tires to perfectly slide beneath each car and lift it by the tires.

Ray is meant to fill a narrow niche serving the luxury parking market. It’s also a quick solution for almost any facility with the need and the cash because it can be put in use with little to no retrofit needed, reports Extreme.com.

For now, Ray is more expensive than valet, but decreases service time and comes with complete insurance. It’s also got a high tolerance for crowds, complicated garage floor plans and snobbish luxury-car owners.




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