Vandals Take Over Parking Enforcement

Somebody with a can of spray paint is telling Queens-area parkers they’re doing a bad job. Critical comments were painted on two cars overnight, reports Newyork.cbslocal.com. One driver had profanity painted on her car for taking up more space than she needed – although she says there wasn’t room for another car either way. Residents are concerned about this escalation in an already tough parking scenario.

A note on a windshield is one thing, but neighbors said a spray-painted message reading, “Learn how to park S-bag,” is another.

I can relate to the frustration that arises when parking is tight and other parkers don’t park efficiently, but, obviously, I don’t support vandalizing their cars as a good outlet for that frustration.

What I do support is the leaders of this city recognizing that the local parking situation is nightmarish and it’s bringing out the worst in people. If finding parking is so stressful that individuals are pushed to more and more illegal and destructive behaviors, then city rules and regulations need to alleviate that stress. I don’t know how you find more parking in a place like Queens, but maybe the answer is fewer cars. Just a thought.

Read the article here.

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