Parking Problems are all Relative

In Beaverton, Oregon, residents are ticked off because construction at a Nike facility has caused an employee parking shortage that’s effecting their neighborhood. People are so annoyed they are asking Nike to provide shuttles for its staff and are talking about asking the city to apply parking permits to the area, reports kgw.com.

Longtime resident Ray Lee said there are a few other factors that have added to the problems, including high density housing nearby and their street being made into a throughway. But Nike employees traveling though and parking at the curb is making it a lot worse.

What’s mind boggling to me is that residents would even consider a permit parking as a solution to this temporary problem. Nike’s expansion won’t last forever, and when it’s finished, parking in the surrounding area will go back to normal. However, permit parking would continue and it’s a hassle for everyone. I’m not there, so I don’t know what it’s really like, but I think these people might need to relax a little. Sure, it’s not happening on my street, but other things that bug me are – every day. Life is consistently inconvenient. Read the article here.

For a little perspective on a real parking problem, consider the 30-year wait list for a parking space at Seward Park Cooperatives on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. According to ny1.com, there are people on the waiting list for parking at the co-op who will probably die before they ever get a spot. Changes to parking policy at the co-op have upset some residents, but the changes don’t include a reduction in the wait time or the length of the waiting list.

The new capacity is not expected to dent the 30-year wait because many young families with cars have been moving in. The wait list now has 670 names.

Waiting 30 years for a parking space seems a lot more dire than a few months of congestion, but people are easily annoyed and news outlets are ready and eager to make a minor issue into a front page headline. Read the rest of the article here.

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